About OkMRF

Our History

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OkMRF was established in 1966 by the City of Shawnee and the City of Ada signing a Trust Agreement which established the OkMRF System and Trust. Twenty-six members joined that first year. (Each new member today still joins OkMRF by entering into the same Agreement with Shawnee and Ada.) OkMRF is authorized under State statutes to pool funds for investment purposes.

Currently, OkMRF has assets exceeding $1 billion. The System began with a Defined Benefit Program only, and now offers Defined Contribution and Customized Manager Option.



  • OkMRF is owned and operated by its members. Our plans and services have been developed by our members through their representatives – the OkMRF Board of Trustees. This nine member board, elected by the members of each district, listens. The Trustees respond to the requests of the employers and employees. This is evident in the continual expansion of services and plan features.
  • OkMRF specializes in government plans by design. We are very familiar with the needs, objectives and plan requirements (or lack of) which may be unique to the government sector. The OkMRF staff and team of consultants provide a professional service which is not duplicated anywhere.
  • OkMRF members share plan costs. This enables many municipalities to provide plans which might not be affordable otherwise. A majority of the plan administrative costs, investment fees and consultant fees are shared pro rata of plan assets. As a result, plan costs are minimal.
  • OkMRF is a non-profit organization. We do not pay any sales commissions to employees or consultants. There is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive (except maybe for pride) other than providing the best system possible – and remaining the State’s premier municipal retirement program.
  • The coalition of municipalities provides the best possible avenue of services. All programs are administered and managed locally here in Oklahoma. The direct relationships between the Trustees and the district members provide a communication link which assures employers and employees the ability to be heard and to be part of the development of new programs and services.

Our Trustees

Our Members’ and Plan Participants’ best interests are the highest priority for the OkMRF Trustees.

The Trustees are responsible for the overall implementation and success of the retirement programs, assisted by the OkMRF staff and a team of professional advisors. OkMRF assumes the fiduciary duties so your Council or Board doesn’t have to.

Some of the specific fiduciary duties are:

  • Amend the plan upon Member request or as needed to maintain its qualified status with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Adopt an investment policy, the governing document from which the retirement plan’s objectives and investment menu are developed and measured
  • Conduct investment manager searches, due diligence, selection, hiring and termination when necessary
  • Monitor the performance of managers compared with their peer groups and benchmarks
  • Monitor managers and consultants to ensure fees and expenses being charged are reasonable for services provided
  • Obtain training and education on new laws, regulations, industry trends and best practices
  • Comply with the Oklahoma Open Meetings and Records Act
  • Secure fiduciary liability coverage to protect the trust

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Member Cities, Towns and Municipal Agencies

OkMRF is comprised of cities, towns and municipal agencies in the state of Oklahoma. The OkMRF Members are listed below by district. There are eight districts which divide up the state for purposes of nominating and electing the OkMRF Board Trustees. Each Member is allowed to nominate a retiree, eligible employee or council member to serve on the board and entitled to cast one vote during the election. The board term is five years. One trustee serves at-large and is elected by all Members across the state.


OkMRF District Map

Click on the numbered districts displayed on the map for a complete listing of OkMRF Member cities, towns and municipal agencies within each.

You’ll also see the OkMRF Trustee responsible for overseeing each district.

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OkMRF Staff

OkMRF Staff is dedicated to providing best practice solutions. We develop long-standing working relationships with your employees (our Participants), human resources departments, and municipal staff to ensure all retirement plan needs are met. We commit to proactively strategizing with you (our Members) to implement solutions that meet your municipalities’ goals. Furthermore, we are dedicated to help enroll, educate, and provide retiree counseling for Participants.

OkMRF is proud to provide an outstanding team of professionals to service your plan – all at a low competitive cost. OkMRF retains such an impressive team because the municipalities and agencies share expenses. The cost efficiencies result because you – our Members – share plan expenses. The result: OkMRF negotiates low fees for you and Participants. There is power in numbers and together we are stronger!

Let us help you prepare the necessary plan documents including resolutions, ordinances, and joining documents for your governing body’s approval. Schedule a consultation today.

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Meetings and Events

Investment, Contract and Administrative Committee meetings are called, as needed, and typically start at 9:00 a.m. with regular Board of Trustee meetings immediately following at 10:00 a.m.

OkMRF public meetings will be held at the following location unless otherwise notified:

1001 NW 63rd Street, Suite 260
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

You are able to virtually attend our regular board meetings using the details provided in the agenda, unless otherwise notified.

Upcoming Meetings & Agendas

  • Board Meeting - July 26, 2024.
    Inv. Manager: Amundi Core Plus Bonds
    Dean Actuaries, LLC: Market Impact
  • Investment Committee Meeting - August 28, 2024.
    ACG: Semi-Annual Report
    In-Person Meeting Only

Recent Meetings & Minutes

  • Board Meeting - June 28, 2024.
    Inv. Manager: JP Morgan Real Estate
    Final Budget Approval, if not approved in May
  • Trustee Retreat - June 27, 2024.
    Continuing Education
    In-Person Meeting Only