OkMRF Staff




PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 102
FAX: 405-606-7879
CELL: 405-833-1318
EMAIL: jcox@okmrf.org

Jodi is responsible for the overall operation of OkMRF, reporting to a nine (9) member Board of Trustees which represents the OkMRF membership; coordinates activities of the Trustees, consultants and staff; serves as liaison to the Administrative Committee; works with the Member municipalities on plan design and enhancements; and coordinates activities and services for the OkMRF Members and Participants.

Prior to joining OkMRF, she worked in public accounting. Jodi is a Certified Public Accountant and is a graduate of East Central University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She is a member of the American Institute, Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants, National Society of Pension Professionals and CMAO. She has a Certificate of Achievement in Public Plan Policy. Jodi has worked with OkMRF since September 1995.






PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 103
FAX: 405-606-7879
CELL: 405-826-7392
EMAIL: cwhatley@okmrf.org

Chris oversees on-site retirement education programs for Participants and training Member municipalities regarding plan administration, plan design and enhancements; serves as liaison to the Investment Committee; works with city councils to implement new retirement plans; and manages the relationships with the OkMRF investment managers and independent investment consultant.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Chris was a financial advisor at JP Morgan Chase and served nine years in the United States Air Force as an Instructor Boom Operator on KC-135R aircraft. Chris is a Certified Financial Planner and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Master of Science focusing in Family Financial Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University. Chris has worked with OkMRF since January 2004.






PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 110
FAX: 405-606-7879
CELL: 405-226-0062
EMAIL: kdarrow@okmrf.org

Kevin oversees retirement plan administration, reviews plan provisions, presents Authorized Agent instruction manuals, educates Participants on investment and retirement options, and works with Members regarding plan design. Before joining OMRF, Kevin graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s Price College of Business with a Finance Degree and interned at Merrill Lynch. Previously, he gained valuable experience at Paycom, specializing in interpersonal communication and relationship building. He is committed to equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions regarding their retirement goals. Kevin has worked with OkMRF since March 2024.









PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 107
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: rstewart@okmrf.org

Rhnea is responsible for the preparation of the OkMRF financial and GASB reports; reconciles activity from the custodian; oversees final participant and plan data for actuarial valuations; serves as liaison to the Contract Committee; manages asset buys, sells and transfers; and monitors trust account activity.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Rhnea worked for the City of Oklahoma City for over twenty-five (25) years in the areas of internal audit and accounting and served as the City Treasurer for thirteen (13) years. Rhnea is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Rhnea has worked with OkMRF since October 2008.








PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 101
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: rstory@okmrf.org

Regina is responsible for the preparation and review of the OkMRF financial statements, trustee reports, and actuarial funding and GASB accounting reports; reconciliation of the custodial and trust account activity; oversight of the Participant and Member plan data for actuarial valuations; monitoring cash positions; and overseeing asset buys, sells and transfers. Regina has worked with OkMRF since February 2024.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Regina has worked across state and local governments since 2007, where responsibilities have focused primarily on financial and contract management.  Prior to her public sector experience, she worked in financial services for over seven (7) years, where she obtained her Series 7 and 65 brokerage financial licenses.  Regina earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Public Administration Master’s degree.  Most recent and relevant to OkMRF, she served as the Retirement System Manager of Oklahoma City Employee Retirement System (OCERS) and was an elected trustee for five (5) years prior to serving as manager. She holds a Certificate of Achievement in Public Plan Policy and currently serves on the Government Finance Officers Association Committee on Retirement and Benefit Administration.






PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 100
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: gcudjoe@okmrf.org

Gloria is responsible for the overall office support of administrative services; prepares all participant handouts and plan materials; maintains membership databases; prepares agenda packets; and coordinates all incoming and outgoing office correspondence.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Gloria worked at the Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center as the Librarian and a substitute teacher, working with delinquent and criminal teenagers from the Oklahoma area. Gloria is also active in her church where she works as the Youth Director, Choir Director, Sunday School/Bible Instructor and Church Secretary. She studied Sociology and Physical Education at Southeastern State University and East Central University. Gloria has worked with OkMRF since September 2006.








PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 105
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: lporter@okmrf.org

Lindsay is responsible for overseeing, verifying and balancing Member payroll submissions and updating participant data for the Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) Plans; oversees the OkMRF recordkeeping team; coordinates recordkeeping services with both Dean Actuaries and VOYA Financial; assists in the OkMRF financial audit and GASB audit; updates OkMRF web-site; trains Members for online payroll input/upload; and coordinates information technology updates.

Lindsay is a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management and a minor in Finance. Lindsay has worked with OkMRF since September 2013.








PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 106
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: tfox@okmrf.org

Tamara is responsible for the input of all Participant payroll data for the Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) Plans; sets up new participants; scans all related DB and DC applicable records to internal scanning system; processes address and beneficiary changes; and assists in processing DB retirement applications for distribution.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Tamara was an Office Manager focusing on customer service in the auto finance industry for over five (5) years. Before that she was the Director of Design Development for Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design. Tamara graduated from U.S. Grant High School and continued her post-secondary education at the University of Central Oklahoma. Tamara has worked for OkMRF since October 2021.








PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 104
FAX: 405-606-7879
CELL: 405-833-4673
EMAIL: kbaser@okmrf.org

Kari is responsible for plan document amendments and updates; files plans with the IRS on behalf of Members; processes fund expenses and OkMRF payroll; oversees the OkMRF distribution team; monitors Defined Contribution (DC) Participant loans; processes Defined Benefit (DB) contribution rate change requests; prepares the annual contribution summaries for the DB Membership; manages OkMRF records, retention and destruction schedule; and revises administrative forms.

She works remotely for OkMRF.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Kari worked in the banking industry for over nineteen (19) years in a variety of capacities including customer service, accounting, trust services and payroll. Kari is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and a minor in Accounting. Kari has worked with OkMRF since February 2001.






Catherine is responsible for processing Defined Benefit (DB) retirement applications and distributions; researches deceased Participants and cost of living pension adjustments; works with Members and Participants in providing DB pension estimates; and helps Defined Contribution (DC) Participants with the website and toll-free information line.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Catherine worked in the banking industry for over twenty-four (24) years in the areas of item processing, payroll management and safekeeping. Catherine attended high school in Seminole, OK, and has completed extensive college coursework in Business Administration. Catherine has worked with OkMRF since May 2008.










PHONE: 888-394-6673, ext 108
FAX: 405-606-7879
EMAIL: clowe@okmrf.org

Cheryl assists in processing Defined Benefit (DB) retirement applications and contribution refunds; helps Participants and Members with distribution/1099R questions; processes retiree address, direct deposit and tax changes; reviews death benefits and helps process annual cost of living pension adjustments and DB required minimum distributions.

Prior to joining OkMRF, Cheryl worked as project management assistant with various administrative duties in the construction/architecture industry for over fifteen (15) years. Cheryl has a Skillsoft E-Learning certificate of completion in accounting fundamentals and a Travel and Tourism certificate from Pickens Technical College in Colorado. Cheryl has worked with OkMRF since February 2020.