OkMRF offers complimentary investment philosophies to help Members with prudent, diversified investing to weather economic trends while still maintaining a conservative approach to investment growth.  Some key investment facts you should know are:

  • Each municipality’s plan is funded separately
  • OkMRF Trustees retain professional investment managers to invest the funds
  • An independent investment consultant evaluates each investment manager in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the OkMRF Trustees

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Defined Benefit: OkMRF DB assets are pooled and invested for conservative long-term growth using complementary asset classes with various risk levels.  All DB Members are invested in the same pooled fund OkMRF Balanced Fund.

Defined Contribution: OkMRF provides several investment alternatives with varying degrees of risk and reward for DC Participants with access to professional investment advice. One of the decisions Participants need to make is how to invest their money.  Keep in mind fund elections and transfer balances can be made by the Participant at any time through the Plan website, Information Line (888-GO-OKMRF) or mobile app (Search Voya Retire in app store).

What kind of an investor are you?

Everyone has a different approach to investing. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to fit your level of experience, knowledge, and interest.

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