Actuarial Reports

The OkMRF Actuary prepares an annual valuation of the funding requirements which represents the actuarial position of all of the OkMRF Member plans.  In the report you will find:

  • Comparison of required contribution rates
  • Comparison of plan assets and obligations
  • Funded status of retiree only plans
  • Development of the actuarial value of assets
  • Summary of plan provisions and actuarial method and assumptions
  • Summary of plan participants

The OkMRF Actuary mails the Actuarial Valuation of your retirement plan for funding purposes typically late March of every year.  This valuation determines what your contribution rate will be to fund your Defined Benefit Program for the upcoming budget year.  Available on your OkMRF home page, bottom of page under actuarial reports, named as 20XX Funding Valuation.

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