OkMRF Staff

OkMRF Staff is dedicated to provide best practice solutions.  We develop long-standing working relationships with your employees, Human Resources departments and Municipal Staff to ensure all retirement plan needs are met.  We commit to proactively strategizing with you, our Members, to implement solutions that meet your municipalities’ goals.  Furthermore, we are dedicated to help enroll, educate and provide retiree counseling for our Plan Participants.

OkMRF is proud to provide an outstanding team of professionals to service your plan – all at a low competitive cost.  OkMRF is able to retain such an impressive team because the member municipalities and agencies share expenses.  The cost efficiencies result because you – our members – share plan expenses.  The result:  OkMRF negotiates low fees for you and your plan participants.  There is power in numbers and together we are stronger!

Let us help you prepare the necessary plan documents including resolutions, ordinances and joining documents for your governing body’s approval. Schedule a consultation today.

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